12 Peers Theater

12 Peers Theater is a new Theater Company operating in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. We are dedicated to bringing stimulating and thought provoking theater to all Pittsburgh audiences. Our mission is to provide challenging and engaging theater. 12 Peers Theater will highlight social, political, and ethical issues, that exist in both classical and contemporary works. We will accomplish this by exploring myth and cultural identity, as well as by using unique and theatrically realized means; all of which strive to open a dialogue with the audience. Through this dialogue, 12 Peers Theater will focus on strengthening community and educational values.

– from the 12 Peers Website

Street Address: 100 Fifth Ave
Suite: Suite 308
City: Pittsburgh
State: PA
Zip: 15222

Phone: (412) 496-2194
E-Mail: info@12peerstheater.org

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