Comtra Theatre Players

Located in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, Comtra Theatre provides year round live performances featuring volunteer actors from the community. Comtra was founded by Marie Teets in 1983 and takes its name from theater’s COMedy and TRAgedy masks.

The original theater group performed in a tent set up in a parking lot and eventually moved to an old barn along Route 19. The barn was renovated into a stage where the audience sits on all sides. This theater in the round has been our format ever since and provides an intimate and unique experience for theater goers.

True to our name, we perform comedies, tragedies, dramas, mysteries, musicals and children’s theater. There is always something on our stage with the exception of a few weeks during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

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Street Address: 20540 Route 19
City: Cranberry Township
State: PA
Zip: 16066

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