Fringe Festival Brings Laughs and Music

The Pittsburgh Fringe Festival has come and I love it!  My first show of the festival came with the chance to see the short but ever so intriguing Who Is Bob Friendly?  Cup-A-Jo Productions presented this unique mix of compelling theatrical and musical entertainment.  Basically, the presentation took a hard look at a man’s life, his problems, his impact, and his lasting legacy.  It could have been described as a multi person eulogy for a man named Bob.

The cast of Ricardo Vila-Roger, Ian Insect, Gayle Pazerski, and Michael Petyak captured the audience’s attention and did not let go.  Their acting pulled me in forcing me to listen to each word as I attempted to parse their intentions and follow them as they ripped back the complex layers of Bob: a man who could have been anyone of us, with his problems, his shortcomings, and his legacy left to unfold upon the stage.

The music that accompanied the theatrics could have stood on its own, but it meshed perfectly with the actors as they loved and hated Bob.  Yes, Michael Thomas, Crystal Lee Morgan, and Mike Hickey brought a special feel to the stage presenting some very fine music that provided fantastic lyrics completing the effect begun by the acting.  I did not want any of it to stop, and yet it went by all too quick.

There are two further presentations of Who Is Bob Friendly? Saturday at 4:30PM, and Sunday at 1:00PM at the City of Asylum Tent.  If you have the time, make sure you take in this show.  You will not be disappointed, and you will, without doubt, remember Bob Friendly.

Michael McGovern takes his gifted ability of writing combines it with his love of horror, and creates a stand-up comedy routine that had the audience in stitches.  Call it Stand-Up Horror if you wish, but no matter what you do take the chance and head to Max’s Allegheny Tavern during this weekend’s festival.  Michael has put together some fantastic material that keeps the audience rolling in laughter.

He starts off with Drac the Knife, yes, you guessed it he plays off of Mac the Knife, and does a pretty dramatic job of it too.  From there he moves onto Rosemarie’s Rabies, then to the Tool Box Killer, and then onto one horror spoof after another.  Michael taps our collective conscious of horror based memories.  We know all of the works he plays with and makes us laugh at.  He twists it up where he can and shakes the cobwebs off of those old B rated Horror flicks of the 1950’s with material about the Creature from the Black Lagoon to Hitler’s Brain.

Yes, Michael does a bang up job with his incredible imagination.  Amazingly, he performs the show all alone, and without the luxury a band to accompany him. Michael McGovern’s work shines again.  Pittsburgh lucked out when this well spring of talent burst out on to the stage.  I for one, have seen his work before, and I enjoyed it then and I enjoyed it again last night, and I believe you will as well.  If you get the chance to hit up Max’s over the weekend, please do, as Michael has a couple of more shows to go, today at 2:30 and 8:00 pm, and you don’t want to miss out.  His work screams classic, so enjoy!

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