Little Lake Theatre Company

The mission of Little Lake Theatre Company is dedicated to presenting a thoughtful, well-balanced offering of plays appealing to an audience of mixed social, economic, educational, and generational levels; providing comprehensive training and hands-on experience in theater arts to emerging, as well as experienced actors, designers, and technicians; involving the community in outreach programs designed to provide accessibility and to encourage appreciation of live theater.

This means that it is our mission is to present a variety of works including:

classic American plays, comedies and drama;
works that reflect themes and issues relevant to, and reflective of,
contemporary society;
works that will serve as a thought-provoking introduction to dramatic literature and, thereby, provide opportunities for families to attend;
and plays that will serve as an entertaining introduction for new theater-goers and will serve as encouragement to attend future productions

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Street Address: 500 Lakeside Drive
City: Canonsburg
State: PA
Zip: 15317

Contact Name: Bob Rak
Contact Title: Managing Director
Phone: (724) 745-6300

Contact Name: Roxy MtJoy
Contact Title: Artistic Director
Phone: (724) 745-6300

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