Pittsburgh Fringe

What the hell is a Fringe?

We get asked this all the time. No, it isn’t a show celebrating all things French. Nor is it a TV show. It’s an unjuried performing arts festival.
We provide a low cost of entry to the market for new and fresh theater companies… Our audiences are adventurous, our venues unique, and the places that Fringe is located benefit as well!
Fringe shows are on the Fringe(pun intended) of mainstream theatre. The most notable Fringe Festival is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland established in 1947. You can expect the unexpected and typically attract shows that you would not see on large stages, although they might end up there!

Pittsburgh Fringe Festival supports adventurous and exploratory performing artists by showcasing their uncensored artistic expression in a professional environment to equally as adventurous audiences and opportunities. We further seek to enhance this connection through performances, continuing education, workshops, discussions, and forums.

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