Pittsburgh Savoyards

The Pittsburgh Savoyards, Inc. is a semiprofessional, community-based, non-profit theater company funded primarily by local contributions and ticket sales.

We operate for the purposes of perpetuating the heritage of Gilbert & Sullivan comic operas, and providing a hands-on opportunity for interested persons to learn about and experience musical theater. While our focus is the performance of the comic operas of Gilbert and Sullivan, we occasionally perform non-Gilbert and Sullivan concerts and other composers’ comic operas. The Company has been in existence since 1938, and is informally affiliated with a number of similar groups throughout the country.

The name “Savoyards” comes from the Savoy Theater in London, where many of the operas premiered and were performed for many years, and is used by groups throughout the world to indicate their devotion to these works. The comic operas of Gilbert and Sullivan are historic treasures and only the works of William Shakespeare are performed more often in the tradition of the English theater.

–taken from pittsburghsavoyards.org

Street Address: P.O. Box 44065
City: Pittsburgh
State: PA
Zip: 15205

Phone: (412) 734-8476
E-Mail: information@pittsburghsavoyards.org

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